She was just kidding!

Well the moment we have all been waiting for..... Chani gave birth to 3 kids today. They are so cute - all legs and ears. So far so good they are all healthy but cross your fingers for the next week or so. They are such wobbly, vulnerable little things.

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Giddy Goats

We have only had Chani and Molly for a short time but already they have brought so much joy to our lives.  These girls are Anglo Nubian dairy goats - Chani is Molly's mum and pregnant again (we can't wait for spring).  Molly is the cheeky teenager ready to play and jump around.

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Autumn at Alexandra Farmstay

Its Autumn here at Alexandra Farmstay and the trees are putting on a beautiful show.  Also we have 16 new family members to fatten up - Black Angus and Charolais.

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Maybole Cottage- anticipating the arrival of our first guests today.

Alexandra Farmstay is ready for guests!  We have been decorating our cottage in anticipation of our first groups' arrival today.  Maybole cottage now has air-conditioning in the comfortable living / dining room.  The three bedrooms have also had a facelift and are looking ever so inviting.

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Starting the journey

Alexandra Farmstay is now taking bookings, dates are available from March 2016

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